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Become a Member of America Patriot Preppers

-Free to Join-

American Patriot Preppers is a group to learn and teach prepping. By joining this group you will help build a solid community of skilled trades where we can all get together and learn from each other.  Join our ever growing group, American Patriot Preppers, for free.  Chat with all members and learn about prepping.  Sharing your prepping experiences and knowledge with the group.


Becoming a member of American Patriot Preppers you will have access to endless knowledge of prepping and survival to help you get closer to being self sufficient.  Learn from many knowledgeable people with many different trades and backgrounds.  You can also teach us a thing or two and show us your prepping skills and what you have learned.  


Becoming a member you will have access to many .pdf files related to prepping and survival including the famous book

The Lost Ways - edition 1 and 2.

The Ultimate Survival Medical Guide.

The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

All Hazards Preparedness.

Field Guide to Animal Tracks.

Garden Planner.

and much much more..... 


Subscribe to our YouTube channel and join me in my journey of prepping and learning by clicking the tab below.  Your subscription will help build an amazing prepper community and you will be entered to win in our give-a-ways.

Join to be more self sufficient, a skilled survivalist, better prepared and free. 

Click below to be part of a community of like minded people where there is no talk of politics, religion or conspiracies

Just prepping.

Meet our member give-a-way winners.

Screenshot 2021-04-07 202844.png

Prepper Girl - winner of the 11-in-1 survival kit.  

Screenshot 2021-07-30 180429.png

Steve Tatum- winner of the air compressor, Russian cake decorating set, and multi angle measuring ruler.  

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